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Order Turkish Food in Moscow

Thanks to our cooperation with outstanding delivery services and our own team, you can obtain your orders effortlessly in a short time.
It is really important that an order we place in e-commerce should reach us perfectly and we are aware of this.
Trouble-Free Delivery
Each of us wants to pay the price and buy the products as promised to us that perfectly satisfies our needs!

Hassle-free Returns
None of us want to make great efforts to return an item that we bought but not satisfied.
We offer the most suitable payment options for all your purchases in Mesopotamia Food&Beverage.
Take away
You can order online and pick&pay at the Mesopotamia Restaurant on Arbat.
Pay on Delivery
You can make your payments to the Mesopotamia staff who deliver your orders.
PayPal / Credit Card
You can pay by credit card via YouKassa payment gateway or use PayPal to make it more comfortable.
Bank Transfer
Some of our customers prefer to pay by bank transfer. After your order is confirmed by our administrators, you can make your payment to our corporate accounts.
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